Photo Studio Operations Forum

by 30 Sep, 2021In the news

Photo Studio Operations is dedicated to boosting the output of your studio, to better deliver outstanding creative work efficiently, at scale, and on time.
The event heard from seasoned studio leaders on best practices, challenges, and successes relevant to developing and evolving an optimized, efficient, and agile photo studio.

SpinMe was delighted to have been a sponsor at the Photo Studio Operations Forum with CEO David Brint featuring on a panel alongside Saks Fifth Avenue, The Very Group, REI and Forecast Agency discussing ‘Growth, Agility and Flexibility: The Photo Studio of Tomorrow’.

In the discussion, the panel dove into how, by adopting the right short and long-term strategies, studios can both:

• Continue to grow, evolve, and transform to meet the needs of the business and the customer
• Keep teams engaged, creative and properly resourced

They discussed best practices, challenges and opportunities around developing and evolving an optimized, efficient, and agile studio. Panelists shared ideas and action tips for better team management, communication, collaboration, creativity, quality, budgeting, data generation and interpretation of performance metrics and ROI among other important issues.

The Photo Studio Ops Forum took place on October 5 and was co-located alongside the Festival of Creative Operations and Design Operations Symposium.

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