No matter where you’re located, what platform you use or how many people are in your team – SpinMe Studio is the world’s leading photo studio workflow solution and has the flexibility to cater for all of your studio production needs.


SpinMe Studio Workflow

SpinMe Studio is broken down into handy modules that fully integrate with each other and other systems. This means that you only use the modules that are the most relevant and beneficial to your unique workflow and business needs. 


The Core module is the centralised system that supports the tracking and management of all product data and digital assets throughout the lifecycle of the workflow.


Automated data import/export
Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and administrative tasks with the ability to automate the importing and exporting of data from source systems.

Advanced image adjustments
Apply image adjustments such as sharpening and levels, filters, white balance, and store masks, crop and other image adjustment settings as independent pre-sets.

Image import
Import digital assets using a simple drag and drop feature into the SpinMe Studio workflow without compromising quality.

Advanced search
Easily locate data and digital assets within the database using an exhaustive search criteria and save pre-sets for future use.

Task automation
Configure automated actions to meet unique business needs.

Style guidelines
Attach detailed reference guidelines for product photography.


Image Capture provides the ability to fully automate the import of digital assets using Capture One, Lightroom, or through a tethered camera directly into SpinMe Studio.


Hardware controls
Connect cameras or robots to capture photography directly into SpinMe Studio.

Software integration
Automatically ingest digital assets through third-party photo editing platforms.

File renaming
Automated renaming of digital assets.

Capture pre-sets and automation
Advance functionality for image asset pre-sets and automation.


Image Automation is an extension to, and enhances, the Image Capture module. It contains additional controls, automation, and pre-sets for hardware devices.


Robotic capture
Connect SpinMe Studio to one or more robotic devices and control them to automate the process of image capture.

Lighting controls
Lighting settings and configurations can be pre-set as part of this module.

Multiple camera tethering
Connect multiple cameras, multi-cam robotic device, or hot folders to SpinMe Studio simultaneously. 


Image Export provides the ability to automatically export imagery in multiple formats to the desired end-point system, without having to manually adjust and rename.


Supporting multiple file formats
Export images in a variety of sizes and formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, RAW, MOV, MPEG, MP4, AVI, AVCHD etc., without compromising quality.

Export MP4 files
Enable spins to be viewed on digital media channels and ecommerce sites by exporting as MP4 video files.

Upload to end-point system 
Uploaded digital assets directly to any end-point systems that support FTP upload.

Meta data
Generate XMP meta data for all exported images, excluding MP4 videos.


Scan a product’s barcode for automatic status, product location, and other product detail changes.


Product tracking
Products can be tracked through scanning of a rail and/or location barcodes. 

Barcode printing
Print a product label, including a barcode, which is generated from a PDF template. 

Weights and measures
Weights and measures data can be captured and stored against each product.


Integrate one or more internal product data applications which can add or update product information in SpinMe Studio.


Automatic product data import
New or updated product data can be automatically imported in advance of a studio receiving physical products. This enables more effective resource planning, scheduling, and the creation of multiple shoot lists. Product data can be imported via numerous channels including PIMs, stock management systems and Excel files. This automation can be configured to meet specific business requirements.


Automatically batch process large volumes of digital assets and the associated meta data into, and out of, SpinMe Studio. These digital assets and meta data can also be automatically transferred between internal end-point systems or even external service providers such as post-production.


Automatic image import
Supplied product imagery can be ingested into SpinMe Studio and the software will automatically populate and sort the images to the relevant product data.

End-point system integration
The Image Transfer Service provides enhanced image upload capabilities. The export of digital assets and meta data can be managed using FTP or API functionality. An API integration enables two-way communication between SpinMe Studio and various end-point systems.


Effortlessly link products together as groups to create looks or bundles that share the same images. From planning to image upload, digital assets and products are more visible and easily tracked without the need for spreadsheets.


Asset grouping
Create an asset group of multiple products in one central location to improve visibility of products and cross-functional projects, and reduce time-consuming shoot planning.

Linked sample tracking
Track all linked samples photographed in one single asset with near live updates.

Drag and drop
The simple drag and drop feature allows users to attach images quickly and easily to related products.

Unique column and status names that can be easily configured to meet end-user needs. See status information for all linked products in one central location.


A dedicated application for external and/or internal teams to review and/or retouch assets. 


Review and retouch assets

This tool allows users to gain access to assets specifically assigned to them without full visibility of the entire workflow assets available in SpinMe Studio application. 

Tailored to support teams working remotely from the studio, it enables users to focus on assigned work only. Visual comments enable you to make proposals and annotations, without changing the original image. With image approval functionality, this ensures the QA process runs smoothly.


  • Supplied asset portal and reporting functionality

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